Networks Canada

A Secure Network Peace of Mind

Can you afford a cyber attack? 

Two-thirds of small and medium-sized businesses suffered a cyber attack in 2018. The average cost per attack: $383,365

How would significant downtime affect you? 

40% of SMBs have suffered 8 hours or more of downtime due to a security breach.

How Networks Canada can help?

We keep up with today’s rapidly evolving threats so you don’t have to. Networks Canada takes a layered approach to security that protects you from infections, detects early warning signs of compromise, and safeguards your most valuable data.

The result: Networks Canada prevents downtime and disruption so you can keep your focus where it belongs — on profitably running your business.

Ransomware protection

Don’t be held hostage by cyber criminals. In addition to blocking ransomware attacks with strong endpoint security software, we maintain your backups to ensure your data is recoverable when it matters most.

Fully managed antivirus and firewall

Let us handle antivirus deployment and management, from running scans and installing updates to actively responding to alerts. We’ll also ensure your network is protected at the perimeter by monitoring and optimizing firewall configurations to keep malicious traffic out.

360-degree monitoring

Networks Canada is our customers’ trusted eyes and ears. We leverage deep visibility into every aspect of your network to respond to potential disruptions and suspicious activity before it’s too late.

Email and web filtering

Don’t let click-happy employees put your business at risk. We can protect you from this #1 attack vector by blocking malicious messages and websites.

Disruption-free patch management

Our state-of-the-art patching engine allows us to automatically patch operating systems and third-party software during non-peak hours. That means you get the best of both worlds — productive employees and peace of mind knowing their otherwise vulnerable systems are always up-to-date.

Data loss prevention

We actively manage backups so you can rest assured recovery is a reliable option.

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